Exam notes, surgical narratives, and referral letters are created using your iPad or iPhone. These files are sent to your Vault as an encrypted file. Vault is a HIPAA compliant secure server that your office can be accessed from any web browser on any computer. From Vault, you can download files for importing or printing.

  1. Login to Fast Notes Vault on any computer.
  2. Pick the type of file you wish you review from the left margin: Recent, Narratives, Referral Letters, or Referral Letter Emails.
  3. To download a file, select the dropdown arrow on the right side of each row.
  4. You can choose to download a PDF or TXT (text) file.  PDF files are added to digital charts as attachments; TXT files are added to digital charts using the copy/paste funtion.
  5. The 'Settings' of Vault can be accessed with the wheel on the upper right of the black margin.
  6. Settings allow inviting users, removing users, turning on/off notifications.