Setting up Fast Notes is simple and takes just a few minutes.

  1. Make sure your iPhone or iPad is running the latest operating system (e.g., 8.4)

  2. Signup for your account here, receive a download link, download to your device(s).

  3. Open Fast Notes and login to the doctor's account.

  4. Have the entire office review the Fast Notes Tutorial.

Setup Fast Notes App

After downloading the software, open and follow the prompts. Make sure you are using the Doctor/Owner's email and information and not a team member—this is critical in account creation.

Setup Vault

The Vault is a cloud server where all of the notes and letters can be accessed. The doctor account is used to invite team members to the Vault. Team members can login here and either downlod and import notes into the digital chart, or print for paper charts.   



The doctor or assistant will to enter the details of the exam/procedure. Once complete, finalizing the document automatically sends the note/letter to Vault. Most offices find that downloading the files 1-2 times each day is the most efficient.  Files are then downloaded to your computer and inserted into the digital chart.  *Alternatively, you can print the files for paper charts.

*Fast Notes is a great segway for transitioning from paper to digital!  You can continue using your paper charts but also have a digital copy in the cloud for use when the full transition is made.

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