With the Fast Notes Vault, your patient files are stored safely on our HIPAA compliant server. Do not share your username and password! Instead, give any team members individual access to your Vault.

Let's exploure how to manage Vault Access:

  1. Sign into the doctor's Vault account.

  2. Click Login.

  3. Select the 'Settings' wheel located at the
    top right of the black section.

Inviting Users

Inviting a user to your Vault can be performed on your iOS device or from the Vault.

  1. In 'Settings', click 'Invite User'.

  2. Enter name and email address and press Invite.

  3. The new user will receive an email invitation. They will be directed to create a password and then will gain access to your Vault. 

Managing Users  

Managing users allows the doctor account to disable team members from accessing the Vault.

  1. In 'Settings', click 'Manage Users' in the Users row.

  2. Click the 'Remove' button and confirm removing the team member.

  3. The removed user no longer have valid credentials to login and utilize the Vault account.

  1. Individual Vault users can elect to have email notification ON or OFF

  2. If ON, each time a file is added or updated to the Vault, an email notification is sent.

  3. If you prefer to turn these notifications OFF and simply login a few times a day on your own, simply slide the toggle OFF and you will not receive emails any longer.  Turn the toggle ON if you want them to resume.


To invite a user from the app, follow this video