Fast Notes makes it simple to send update letters to your referring colleagues. You can either add a referring dentist one at a time manually, or as a batch for multiple dentists. There are just a few simple steps for each method:

Manual Addition
  1. Tap Manage Referring Dentists.

  1. Fill out the Referring Dentist form.

  2. Add up to 3 email addresses per dentist to ensure they receive your correspondence letters.

  3. Edit or Remove in the ‘Referring Dentists’ view.



Batch Addition
  1. Tap Import Referring Dentists.

  1. Tap Send Instructions.

  1. You will recieve a spreadsheet to fill out and return (download here).

  2. Fill out the Excel spreadsheet and email to us here.

Once the spreadsheet has been recieved we will upload it to your account and notiffy you when it is ready. Please note that if the spreadsheet is not returned in the format supplied, we will not be able to load it in your account.