Any dental implant can be added to your Fast Notes account.  It takes just a few steps to add a system:

  1. Tap on 'Settings' from the app.

  2. In the 'My Database' section, select the 'Manage Implants' row.

  3. Search the provided database for your implant system and add as many as you would like.

  4. If the implant system is not in the provided database, tap the plus symbol in the upper left corner then select the 'Custom Implant' option.

  5. Insert the new Implant Brand and then the Implant Type.

  6. Insert the new implant diameters and lengths.  Press the 'Add Diameter' button or 'Add Length' button if there are more than three for this implant system.

  7. After saving, this implant will be available on all of your devices. 


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