Fast Notes comes populated with common implants, bone graft materials, sutures, blades, membranes, etc... But we all practice differently and our profession is always changing. Customizing options and adding your materials allows you to make Fast Notes personalized for you.  Let's see how easy this is:

In this example, 'Membrane Type' has options to choose from in the list. Follow these easy steps to customize 'Membrane Type' for your practice:

  1. To remove a Membrane from the list, swipe and tap DELETE. 
  2. To add a Membrane to the list, tap the 'Add New Option' button, enter the product name and then press Save Option.  This will be saved to your profile on any device you log into.

Spend just a little time at the start to customize Fast Notes for your practice and you will find that notes and letters will be lightning fast and highly detailed.