If you are still in the patient record, tap the green completed button next to 'Anesthesia' on the left black margin. If the narrative has already been completed and you need to make a change or addition, you have up to *5 days to make a correction. Here are the steps necessary to open patient files and makes changes:

Open Patient File
  1. Tap the 'No Patient' in the lower left corner and select the 'Recent Patient' option.

  2. A list of patients will be visible— tap a patient file and 'Open Record' to get access to the file.

Modify the Patient File
  1. To change patient name and/or information, tap the patient name and select the 'Edit Patient' row.

  2. Tap on 'Anesthesia' to update or change details of the anesthetic section for a surgical procedure.

  3. Preview and Finalize will push the update to Vault and overwrite the previous file (if it was previously sent to the Vault).