The Fast Notes system will enable your team to write beautiful, organized, and comprehensive exam notes and surgical narratives. In addition, you are given the option to generate an instant referral letter.

And the best part....all of this takes place in about 1-2 minutes. Never type notes or referral letters again—just tap and send.


All of the data for the appointment is added on an iPad or iPhone. The narratives and letters are generated and sent to our cloud server, Fast Notes Vault. This HIPAA compliant, secure storage center is accessed on desktop computer with internet access (PC or Mac). Documents can be printed or downloaded, and then placed into charts with a few clicks. Referral letters are either transferred immediately through a HIPAA compliant email system or printed for mailing.  

Templates Just Don't Measure Up
  • Templates don’t remember your practice tendencies, so information has to be entered every single time. Fast Notes is....faster!
  • Combining procedures/templates is difficult and time consuming. Fast Notes handles multiple procedures with ease.
  • Only Fast Notes has code for grammar and sentence structure, making your notes and letters read like transcribed notes.

Unlike other dental software, Fast Notes gets faster over time. Fast Notes remembers your commonly used selections (bone, membrane, implants, sutures, etc…) for each procedure. Forms are auto-populated making form completion lightning fast.  

My Assistant Does My Notes

We all have the same challenge. If we write notes and letters on our own, we get behind on work and often stay after normal hours to complete our charts. If we delegate these important tasks, our notes and letters may suffer from lack of completeness, detail, and accuracy. With Fast Notes, the doctor or team member can enter the information— but you get comprehensive, complete, and elegant notes and letters every single time!

Benefits to Fast Notes

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